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4 Loop FIBC - Standard Big bag

FIBC’s are one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. Big bags are produced from either tubular or flat polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics.

These fabrics can be both coated or uncoated and vary in different weights depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL), or Safety Factor (SF).

An FIBC can be as simple as an open top with a flat base used commonly within the building industry or as a high tech unit produced within a clean room production environment to be used for the food/pharmaceutical industries.

Most importantly, each FIBC is manufactured to meet a customer’s specific requirement.

Lifting Loops
Cross-Corner Loops
Side-Seam Loops
Sleeve Lift
Ancillary Loops
Filling & Closure
Open Top with Hem
Tie-Down Flap
Duffel Top
Filling Spout
Discharge Spout
Discharge Spout with Petal Closure
Discharge Spout with Protection Flap
Full Drop Bottom